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Finding a good and friendly LGBTQ or transgender therapist doesn’t need to be complicated. Get matched with our highly specialized online therapists instantly.

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Specialized LGBTQ & gender therapists

The most experienced gender therapists in the game.

Clear communication in a possibly complicated situation.

We know some parents need support too.

Super specialized therapists in all areas of trans issues.

Lessen anxiety from Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.

Comfortable approach, listening to your needs.

One of the few that offer this specialized service.

An approach that has helped many in similar situations.

Want gender therapy from a Christian? We’ve got you.

Even super stars need help in the bedroom at times.

Why you should get therapy here?

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Dozens of certified therapists specialized in LGBTQ & trans therapy

We believe in focus, so we focus on making online therapy great for the LGBTQ and trans community.

No more no less. So if you fill out the questionnaire carefully you’ll be matched with a “transgender therapist near me” best suited to your needs, no matter what you are struggling with. 

If you aren’t satisfied with your trans friendly therapist, you can simply ask for a new one that you feel more comfortable with.

We are a team of trans writers

We are a passionate team of trans and LGBTQ individuals who have experience with psychology and/or therapy.

We want to share our knowledge and experiences with others that are in need for a bit of help of navigating the challenges of having a LGBTQ life like our article on “treating gender dysphoria without transition“.

We are also an affiliate of BetterHelp (where we receive commissions from) who have dozens of LGBTQ specialized therapists under their Pride Counseling company. Read our Pride Counseling Review, How much does Pride Counseling Cost?, Best Online Therapy for LGBTQ articles.

We know how skilled these trans counselors and therapists are, which is why we happily recommend them.

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