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Gay marriage counseling near me. How to easily find friendly gay marriage & couples therapists.

gay marriage counseling near me

If you are a gay couple experiencing relationship problems or seeking enrichment for your partner, then couples counseling or gay marriage counseling near me can be a fantastic place to explore to strengthen your bond, resolve relationship issues, and promote greater love and commitment.

Once taboo, the stigma associated with counseling has, thankfully, begun to wane in recent decades, and it may even be considered fashionable to have a gay marriage therapist collaborate with you to manage life’s ups and downs. 

But when you’re gay, it can be a bit difficult to find resources to make sure the therapist you choose to help you with your issues is truly great at marriage counseling for gay couples.

While some relationship struggles are universal among all people, gay relationships also have some unique dynamics that are best served by working with a professional who has the education, training, and skill to be able to help with our particular needs.

Opting for an online therapy is more comfortable and approachable because it connects you to a provider that can with you via messaging, text, live video conferencing, or phone calls all in your own convenient timing.

Pride Counseling is The Way to Go for Gay Marriage Counseling

Pride Counseling is a subsidiary of BetterHelp, which was launched in 2017. The therapists and counselors are well experienced and have expertise in working with members of the LGBTQ+ community on the challenges and health issues they may face. They even offer help with bisexual marriage counseling.

How Does Pride Counseling Work for marriage counseling for gay couples?

gay marriage therapist

This is an online therapy service that matches you with a counselor according to your needs with a state-of-the-art matching engine.

It matches you with a counselor that best suits your need. It also offers a one-subscription plan and no individual or add-on sessions.

There’s also a weekly subscription cost, which is billed monthly and gives you access to zero restrictions on messaging in the chat room and live chat, phone, or video sessions each and every week.

This method is coined to offer users the freedom to choose the session type that meets your current needs.

marriage counseling for gay couples near me

Match with a Gay Marriage Therapist


Start chatting within minutes

Fast and convenient to get started. 


Save big time compared to in-person therapists.

Affordable. From USD 60 per week (incl. one session).


Dozens of gay marriage counselors available

Largest selection of LGBTQ therapists online. Switch easily.

What makes it the best? Perks and features

  • The unlimited messaging

You have guaranteed access to a secure and privatized chat room where you can send and receive messages directly from your counselor. With this, you gain the freedom to send a question or concern anytime of the day.

But this doesn’t mean your counselor would reply immediately, but rest assured, you’d get a response as soon as possible. You will get a prompt notification when your counselor replies your messages. While the chat room is open to you 24/7, live sessions are dependent on your counselor’s availability.

  • Live chat sessions

Live chat gives you access to text with your therapist in real time. While this may be similar to the messaging format, these sessions are live. You will meet virtually with your therapist also in a private, secure therapy room during a pre-scheduled  time.

There also the option of keeping a record of all your conversations with your therapist until you close your account. If privacy is an issue for you, then live text is the best for you.

  • Live video sessions

This is a meeting with your therapist via live video

This the closest thing to an in-office session. You’ll definitely need to schedule an appointment. When it’s time for your session, be sure you have a good and stable internet connection and a secluded area without interruptions to be in for the duration of your counseling session. You’ll meet in your online counseling room.

  • Live phone sessions

Just like the live chat and video sessions, live phone sessions are scheduled with your counselor. All you need is a smart phone device and since you don’t need access to a computer, phone sessions are often a more convenient and easier approach

Enrollment Process for finding a gay marriage therapist

The enrollment process is quite simple and straight forward. The first step is to create an account using your name or an alias, email address, and a password or your choosing 

The next step takes just a few minutes. You’d need to fill various brackets such as your gender identity, pronouns, age, relationship status, counseling history, sleeping and eating habits, and current health situation. You also specify what kind of counselor you prefer.

This is followed by series questions pertaining to your current mental and physical health over the previous two weeks for example, whether your LGBTQ+ identity contributes to your mental health concerns, feelings of sadness or depression, loss of interest in activities you usually enjoy, and specific questions about suicide and suicidal ideation.

After all that is done, youd be directed to the payment page where you can review the weekly cost and amount to be charged immediately. You are required to pay for 4 weeks up front. 

Once the enrollment procedures are complete and your payment validated, you wouuld be matched with the right counselor for you in 24 hours, although individual times may vary.

You will receive a confirmation email regarding the matchup and directing you to a private room private chat room where you’d learn more about the counselor and his background info including the counselor’s name, qualifications, interests, scheduling preferences, and philosophy.

The welcome message may also include questions from your therapist so as to know a little more about you. The chat room can be used to begin communications with your therapist.

Pride Counseling Cost and Payment Options

The cost of Pride counseling ranges from $90 to $120 per week. Although the cost is advertised as weekly, you’re billed every four weeks even though the cost is advertised as weekly.

So be sure to pay the end of the month. Of cause you can cancel at any time, and there are no long-term contracts. Payments can be made via your credit card. There’s also an option to use a PayPal account to complete payment

Pride Counseling does not accept insurance, which means it does not submit claims to private insurance companies. But you can check  health plan coverage. If you have a mental health insurance benefits then you’d need to submit the claim to the insurance company in order for it to be reimbursed.

Conclusion – gay marriage counseling near me

If you’re having issues as to deciding where to get a gay marriage counselor, then say no more as your search as come to an end. Thanks to pride counseling, all your questions and queries are going to be answered in the most humanly friendly way there is.