BetterHelp Ireland Review, Prices, and Cost. 

betterhelp ireland

In-person therapy isn’t always the best option for those struggling with a mental health condition or for those simply having a rough patch in their lives.

Luckily in recent years, online therapy has become increasingly available, with more and more platforms hitting the market seemingly every year.

One of those platforms is BetterHelp, the largest online therapy network in the entire world.

Is BetterHelp Ireland good?

✔️ In our opinion BetterHelp Ireland is a good option for those that want qualified, convenient, and lower priced therapy. Here’s why:

  1. Qualified: you’ll be matched with a therapist that matches your needs and you can switch therapist any time if they don’t match your vibe. It’s the world’s largest online therapy platform too.
  2. Convenient: message your therapist anytime and talk to them from home.
  3. Low price: Only 55-83 per week, billed monthly per week (billed monthly) and 15% off that price with this link here.

Try BetterHelp Here.

For those in Ireland specifically, you are probably wondering how much is Betterhelp Ireland?” so we’re going to cover all there is to know about the BetterHelp Ireland cost, as well as the services the platform offers its users.

We understand that going through mental health struggles can be a scary time, and we.

✔️ Want a cheaper alternative to BetterHelp?

Try Calmerry.

It’s only SGD $66 per week (BetterHelp is SGD $78) and it has an almost identical offering compared to BetterHelp.

Talk to a therapist within 24 hours by filling out the questionnaire at Calmerry. – BetterHelp can take days.

What is BetterHelp Ireland?

One of the most obvious questions to answer in our BetterHelp Ireland reviews is certainly, “What is BetterHelp?” BetterHelp is a large online therapy platform that focuses on offering virtual, affordable, and accessible access to qualified mental health counsellors.

The BetterHelp website hosts almost 30,000 mental health practitioners with a variety of different credentials such as licensed professional counsellors (LPC), licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), licensed mental health counsellors (LMHC) and psychologists.

BetterHelp has helped over 3,500,000 people since its launch in 2013 and the number keeps climbing exponentially, will you be next?

Pros & Cons of BetterHelp – Review


Pros Cons
  • The BetterHelp Ireland price is both cheaper and a better bargain than traditional in-person therapy, as well as other online therapy platforms.


  • Users may cancel their BetterHelp subscription for any reason with ease, they are not locked into their plan.


  • The platform offers financial aid for those who qualify.


  • The BetterHelp Ireland cost is not covered by HSC (Health and Social Care) or private health insurance companies.


  • Therapists on the platform are unable to officially diagnose users with mental health conditions and are also not allowed to prescribe medications.


  • The platform is virtually impossible to use if you don’t have consistent access to the internet or a phone.


BetterHelp Ireland Price, Cost & Payment Options

Standard BetterHelp Ireland Pricing:

So how much does Betterhelp Ireland cost? The standard BetterHelp Ireland cost you will be paying for therapy through BetterHelp may be about 55-83 per week, billed monthly.

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It’s important to note that pricing may vary depending on the preferences you have for your counsellor, your counsellor’s availability, and your location.

The price covers one therapy session a week, as well as messaging  your therapist anytime you like. The cost of your session or sessions will be automatically billed to you every 4 weeks.

Therefore, for a person attending one session a week for a total of four weeks, their BetterHelp bill will be around €220€332.

Financial Aid Options:

Regrettably, while BetterHelp advocates and works hard to keep its prices affordable for everyone, it may still be too expensive for some.

Fortunately, those who require a discount may apply for financial aid for a price reduction through the platform. Whether or not people are granted financial aid discounts vary and it is decided on a case-to-case basis.

However, those who are typically considered for financial aid are students, veterans, or those who are in governmental aid programs.

The platform also makes applying extremely easy, by simply filling out a short form covering a variety of questions; such as your monthly income and employment status, one can apply.

Those who qualify for financial aid will need to reapply every 3 months to continue receiving the discount.

Private Insurance & HSC:

BetterHelp does not take any private medical insurance, nor is it covered by any governmental healthcare programs such as Health and Social Care.

Comparing BetterHelp and In-Person Therapy

Who’s the Best Bargain?: Compared to private in-person therapy the BetterHelp Ireland price, in addition to the platform’s large variety of features, is a much better bargain for clients.

Your typical price for a regular in-person therapy session will run you about 57-€102 per hour with speciality therapists charging around €102148 an hour.

In comparison, BetterHelp offers professional therapy for 55-83 per week (billed monthly) that includes sending messages to your therapist at anytime and  one full counselling session.

Therefore, while the upfront pricing seems similar, BetterHelp includes much more features in addition to the singular therapy session.

In other words, the cost of one standard therapy session is equivalent to an entire month’s worth of therapy on BetterHelp, not to mention the platform’s excellent financial aid program. 

Who’s the Most Effective?: In addition to pricing, BetterHelp also allows you to access therapy in the comfort of your own home which may make therapy more beneficial.

For therapy to work, it is crucial clients feel comfortable enough to share their honest feelings and thoughts. For some, doing this in person can be an extremely stressful and daunting task, which may impact the effectiveness of their counselling. 

Who Makes it Easier to Find a Therapist?: BetterHelp makes it easy to find counsellors that match your specific, individual needs. The company has a therapist directory included on the website that features counsellors’ specialisations, credentials, and methods of treatment among other things.

Contrastly, searching for a quality and professional in-person therapist can be quite time-consuming and difficult. While it’s possible to google therapists nearby, there’s no saying which results that come up are reliable or not. With BetterHelp, all therapists are routinely vetted and qualified.

BetterHelp Ireland cost

BetterHelp vs. Other Online Therapy Platforms

We believe BetterHelp is the best online therapy platform compared to other online therapy platforms available on the market today for a multitude of reasons.

The first and most important reason in our BetterHelp Ireland reviews is that the affordable cost includes live chat, messaging, phone calls, video sessions, or group webinars.

Other online platforms don’t offer nearly as many different communication methods to allow clients to communicate with their counsellors.

Secondly, BetterHelp has discount/promo codes, and special offers and sales going to lower their price even more. While other platforms may have these promotions occasionally, BetterHelp runs them almost constantly.

For example, if you use the discount codes “ANZPATH” and “MENTALROUSE” you will receive 10% off your next purchase with BetterHelp

We understand that going through mental health struggles can be a rough and scary time for even the strongest people among us.

Studies have shown that hiding your emotions has detrimental effects on mental health, and that talking about them may help you to feel better and heal underlying issues.

The last thing you want when you’re in a negative headspace is to spend hours researching therapists and run the risk of not finding any quality results.

With BetterHelp, the work has been done for you and your professional counsellor is waiting to help you get started on your healing journey.