How to deal with gender dysphoria without transitioning and treating it.

how to deal with gender dysphoria without transitioning

Have you been desperately trying to figure out how to deal with and treating gender dysphoria without transitioning?

No worries, we’ll get straight to the point.

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The main way we recommend treating gender dysphoria without transitioning is using Calmerry for gender dysphoria therapy. There you’ll be matched with the best gender dysphoria therapist that suits your needs.

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Main ways to ease and treat gender dysphoria without transitioning include:

Before we dive deep into the three treatments of gender dysphoria, you need to understand what you are dealing with.

If you think your gender identity does not match the sex label you got at birth, the treatments below will significantly help.

It’s gender dysphoria that makes you uncomfortable. Gender dysphoria is not only familiar among kids but also among adolescents and adults.

To be clear, the therapists mentioned on this page are not necessarily an LGBTQIA+ individual themselves. They are however "LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists" and are open, welcoming, and supportive towards LGBTQIA+ people.

Symptoms and treating gender dysphoria without transition

Let’s look at some of the symptoms of gender dysphoria among children:

  • They want to don clothes that belong to a different sex.
  • They enjoy games that belong to the opposite sex.
  • They believe that their genitals can change.

If you are an adult or adolescent, you will have some symptoms like;

  • Knowing your biological sex and gender identity are different.
  • You feel confident when you adopt your favorite gender traits.
  • You deeply loathe your genitals and feel like changing them is the best option.

When treating gender dysphoria without transitioning, some of the most recommendable treatments include online therapy, peer support groups, and psychological assessments.

Even with these treatments, we must ask ourselves: Can gender dysphoria go away?

Let’s dive deeper to find the answer to the above question.

Online therapy – Non intrusive, convenient and affordable

Finding a therapist who can relate to your unique needs is a bit of a hustle for most people.

It would be best if you had a therapist willing to step into your shoes to understand what you are going through. Luckily, you are here, and your issues will be dealt with professionally.

Calmerry is an online therapy services provider which will save lots of your money and time. You will work with well-trained and experienced therapists in the comfort of your home. Moreover, you will schedule the time you see fit for your therapy.

One of the best things about Calmerry is its matching engine. What does this mean? It means they have a questionnaire that has several questions for the client. These questions will help the website’s algorithm match you with a therapist who will satisfy your needs.

treating gender dysphoria without transition

Another reason why we recommend this online service is because they also offer Trans couple therapy sessions.

Sometimes it’s hard for your family to cope with you if you live with gender dysphoria. In this scenario, you can alleviate distress by finding a satisfying Trans couple therapist.

Statistics show that 41% of people with gender dysphoria make suicidal attempts, while 57% have received disapproval from their friends and family members. This shocking information shows that therapists for Transgender couples are required.


If you are still unsure if online therapy will fit your needs, you should interview a few therapists you have in mind. This is how you will find a gender therapist who understands and deals with your situation.

We highly recommend Calmerry because of its affordability. When treating gender dysphoria without transitioning, affordability should be one of the primary reasons you should choose an online gender therapist.

The price range at Calmerry ranges from 50 dollars every week on a subscription-based format.

It’s upon you to make a choice. Either continue wasting time and money searching for an LGBT therapist or begin your healing journey today.

For a more in-depth analysis on gender therapy read our post about the best gender therapists online and how to find ones that suit you easily.


Peer support groups

When you struggle with gender dysphoria, loneliness is one of the feelings that put you down. “Normal” people mostly surround you. These forks cannot provide you with enough support since they can’t relate to how you feel.

Here is the good news: You are not the only person who wants to know how to deal with gender dysphoria without transitioning.

Other LGBTQs are searching for connections with people who can help them deal with their gender issues.

Social media is the best place to start if you want to find excellent peer support groups for the LGBTQ community.

Ensure that you use search engines like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For example, you can search Facebook groups that help transgender people deal with gender dysphoria.

Connecting with others is critical if you want to heal from gender dysphoria. The best thing is to be authentic and share helpful information with others. This is how you can find people dealing with the same issues.

The best thing about peer support groups is that they reduce the mental distress from gender dysphoria. You will become less lonely and connect with others on a deeper level. Furthermore, your anxiety, depression, self-loathing, and suicidal thoughts will go down dramatically.

If you want to feel understood and create long-term relationships with others, looking for peer support groups for the LGBTIQ community is something you should consider in your life.

Psychological assessments

Another form of treatment is to seek an expert who can assess you and provide a solution to your predicament. You can find some of the best gender therapists online. Some of them are in LGBTQ themselves.

Calmerry has experts who will take you through a personalized assessment as they try to understand your situation. The main reason for the in-depth assessment is to find out whether you have gender dysphoria.

You will be assessed twice during different periods by two gender therapists.

Here are some of the things the assessment tries to figure out:

  • Existence of evident incongruence between your biological sex and gender identity.
  • If you genuinely want to switch to adopting the physical characteristics of the opposite sex.
  • How you deal with the discomfort that comes from gender dysphoria.

These psychological assessments are healing because they will help you to reduce gender dysphoria and live a new life. After all, you will change how you perceive yourself.

Can gender dysphoria go away?

Gender dysphoria can go away if you spot it early enough.

Adults who have lived with the condition since their children may have a hard time when it comes to getting rid of gender dysphoria.

But the good news is that enough gender therapy can alleviate the distress which comes from their gender issues.

Conclusion on how to deal with gender dysphoria without transitioning 

Most transgender people are confused because they don’t know how to deal with gender dysphoria without transitioning. They try different treatments like hormonal treatment, which does not work.

You can find assistance from genuine people through online therapy, peer support groups, and psychological assessments. These treatments are essential if you find the best LGBTQ counselors who understand you deeply. Your specific needs will be attended to, and you will be glad to have searched for the right people.