Christian counseling for transgender and Christian counselors for gender dysphoria.

Christian counseling for transgender

Have you been struggling with finding an LGBTQ Christian therapist online? No worries, because you are not alone.

Many people are always looking for therapists who can help them with their gender issues using Biblical teachings.

We HIGHLY recommend using Pride Counseling or Faithful Counseling as they have great counselors that are both Christian and are specialized in Gender Dysphoria. The same company is behind both services.

The main problem is that most therapists use secular ideas and methods in their therapy sessions.

On the other hand specialized Christian counselors for gender dysphoria are well equipped with Christian teachings, which they use to heal their clients from their mental distress.

If you are online and concerned about your well-being, finding Christian counseling for transgender people may take less than five minutes.

Yes, I mean it. Why would you be online scrolling from post to post when you can connect with a mighty Christian counselor?

Pride Counseling – Why it’s the Best Therapy Provider for finding Christian counselors for gender dysphoria

christian counselors for gender dysphoria

Pride Counseling stands out as the best provider of Christian counseling for transgender.


Because it has many certified and knowledgeable Christian counselors, these individuals use biblical teachings to provide quality therapy sessions for their clients.

When you get on this platform, you will notice that it has your best interest at heart because it wants you to find a counselor who is an expert in your area of concern as soon as possible.

Pride Counseling always connects Christian therapists with LGBTQ Christians. Christian therapists are well versed in using the Bible and other Christian resources to help their clients.

They are well-trained people who know how to listen and empathize with your experiences.

The counselor you will work with understands everything you deal with from a Christian perspective. They are spiritually attuned to helping other people heal from negative emotions.

You will be connected with one of the many Christian counselors for Gender Dysphoria found on the website. Your counselor will assess your situation to understand you.

Remember that Christian counseling for homosexuality is extraordinary. Your ROGD therapist will be someone who not only listens to you empathetically but also provides safe spaces for you to express yourself freely. This differs from mainstream therapy, where you can easily find stigmatized professionals.

The Christian therapist you will work with on Pride Counseling is someone who has faced discrimination or is aware of their relatives who got discriminated against by cisgender people. Thus they can help you effortlessly through your situation.

In 2017, BetterHelp, a parent of Pride Counseling, gave birth to another child called

Pride Counseling works harmoniously with her beautiful sister,, to produce powerful results. The two provide quality services to their clients because they have more significant resources for LGBTQ members who want Christian therapy sessions.

christian counseling for homosexuality

Match with a specialized Christian counselor for transgenders


Start chatting within minutes

Fast and convenient to get started. 


Save big time compared to in-person therapists.

Affordable. From USD 60 per week (incl. one session).


Dozens of trans therapists available

Largest selection of LGBTQ therapists online. Switch easily.

How it works

Since you already know that Pride Counseling and its sister ( offer the best Christian counseling for homosexuality, you need to understand how it works.

You must understand the simple signing into the system to start your healing journey.

Are you looking for a therapist who deals with particular transgender issues, such as gender dysphoria? Get ready because we are almost beginning the process.

When you start your signing-up process, you will be given a questionnaire. The questionnaire contains simple questions: Have you ever gone to therapy sessions? What is physical and mental health situation? These questions are vital because they help the system to give you a therapist who is specialized in your specific condition. What’s more? These questions will also help your therapist know the specific assistance or recommendation you need. For instance, if you have gender dysphoria, then you will be given a therapist who is specialized in that subject.

In your case, you are looking for a Christian therapist for transgender. So, the algorithms will match you with one qualified in your area of concern.

You will communicate with your therapist via phone, live chat or video calls. They will be listening carefully to everything you have to say. You will be given room to express your feelings and thoughts about your gender freely. At this point, your therapist is not supposed to judge you in any way. Why? Because the Christian teachings are against people who gauge others without understanding what they are going through emotionally.

Lastly, your counselor will use the Bible, Christ’s love, and other Christian teachings to comment on something. They might recommend further treatment or use the power of Prayer and God’s love to bring you on the healing journey.

If your therapist does not satisfy you, then you have the option to change them without troubling yourself about filling the questionnaire for the second time.


You will notice a significant gap when you compare the pricing of in-person therapists with Pride Counseling’s therapists. In-person therapists are pricey. Most of them only work with therapists who can pay at least $65 per every hour of each session.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the quality services of Pride Counseling at an affordable price. You will spend between $ 40 and $ 70 weekly when you have Pride Counselling sessions.

Lastly and most importantly, you will pay your fee as subscription charges are deducted monthly when you have sessions. If you want to stop attending your online therapy sessions, you are allowed to click on the unsubscribe button anytime.

Wrap up – christian counseling for homosexuality

If you are looking for Christian counseling for transgender, Pride Counseling would be the best choice you could ever pick.

What makes this facility stand out in the provision of online therapy is its collaboration with the sister facility called The two combine their forces to bring quality therapy sessions for Transgender Christians.

Transgender Christians prefer having therapy sessions with Christian therapists who can infuse biblical teachings and other Christian values in their sessions. Wise transgender Christians will use a platform like Pride Counseling to find counselors who have mastered the mechanisms of infusing Biblical teachings and other Christian values in their therapy sessions.