How Much is BetterHelp NZ – New Zealand? Review, Prices & Cost.

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BetterHelp NZ. If you’ve been struggling with your mental health and find the task of sifting through hundreds of local therapist reviews to find a decent counsellor too stress-inducing, you’re not alone.

This process can feel like it takes forever, especially for those in a mental slump and you run the risk of choosing unqualified, unprofessional counsellors.

In comes BetterHelp New Zealand, the world’s largest online therapy platform, who will automatically match you with a tailor-made counsellor that suits your needs and wants the best, all you need to do is fill out this questionnaire.

In this article, we’re going to cover all you need to know about the BetterHelp NZ price as well as what services a subscription with the platform comes with.

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BetterHelp NZ costs from NZD 80 – 140 a week (billed monthly), that includes a video session and messaging your therapist anytime.

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Get started by filling out the questionnaire.

What is BetterHelp NZ?

BetterHelp is a large online therapy platform that launched in 2013, its goal is to provide virtual, affordable, and accessible access to qualified mental health counsellors.

So far, BetterHelp NZ has helped almost 3,500,000 people and that number is climbing. Currently, there are nearly 30,000 mental health counsellors contracted by BetterHelp and each counsellor has their specific credentials and specialities to help clients.

Counsellors on the website consist of licensed professional counsellors (LPC), licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), licensed mental health counsellors (LMHC), licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), and psychologists.

Pros & Cons of BetterHelp New Zealand


Pros Cons
  • The BetterHelp cost NZ is significantly cheaper than accessing in-person therapy in New Zealand. 
  • Users have access to messaging your therapist anytime.


  • In order to use the platform you need access to a stable internet connection and/or devices that connect you to the internet.


    • BetterHelp is not covered by public healthcare or government-subsidized services.


    • Counsellors are not able to give out an official diagnosis or prescribe medications.


    • Prices may vary based on demand and user location.


    BetterHelp NZ Price & Payment Options

    Standard Pricing: The BetterHelp cost NZ ranges from $80- $140 per week, billed monthly. This fee includes a one-on-one session with your matched counsellor either through live chat, a phone call, or a video call.

    The fee also includes messaging with your therapist anytime throughout that week. The costs of your sessions will be automatically billed to you every 4 weeks.

    Therefore, if you are attending one session a week for a total of four weeks, your BetterHelp bill will be around $320-$560. 

    Financial Aid Options: Unfortunately, while BetterHelp is a great option for those without much disposable income, the standard price may still be too high for some. Thankfully, BetterHelp conveniently offers financial aid for those who qualify.

    While decisions on who will be granted a price reduction for therapy are made on a case-to-case basis, there are a few cases where it is more likely including for students, veterans, or those who are currently receiving governmental aid in some way shape, or form. 

    Private Insurance & Public Healthcare: The BetterHelp NZ price is unchanged by private medical insurance companies and public/universal healthcare programs funded by the government.

    BetterHelp vs. Standard In-Person Therapy

    Pricing: While both therapy options have their pros and cons, we believe that BetterHelp is the most effective method of accessing counselling. With BetterHelp, users have thousands more options for counsellors at their fingertips than those who are simply searching for local counsellors nearby to them.

    BetterHelp is also a significantly cheaper option than standard in-person therapy. Conversely, in-person therapists in New Zealand will cost around $180-$250 for one 50-minute session, and costs become even higher when seeking out specific specialists.

    To clarify, for 4 weeks of therapy through BetterHelp expect to pay a range of $320-$560. If you’re opting for four weeks of in-person therapy expect to pay $720-$1,000+. 

    However, with BetterHelp you can access professional therapy in the comfort of your own home, lessening potential stressors. Additionally, such a small change in how you’re accessing the therapy may make your therapy more effective.

    For counselling to work its best, it is extremely important that clients feel comfortable enough to share their feelings and thoughts with counsellors without shame and feeling safe in your own home can enable this to happen. 

    Convenience: BetterHelp makes it easy for you to find counsellors that work well with your individual wants and needs. Not only does the platform automatically match you with a therapist depending on your answers to a short questionnaire required before fully signing up, but they also have a directory available on their website of all their available counsellors.

    The directory includes all counsellors’ specialisations, credentials, and practised methods of treatment among other things.

    Contrastly, the search process for high-quality in-person therapists can not only take a lot of time but can also bring about unreliable results. With BetterHelp, all therapists are routinely vetted and qualified.

    BetterHelp NZ prices

    BetterHelp vs. Other Online Therapy Platforms

    We believe that not only is BetterHelp New Zealand a smarter option than in-person therapy, but it is also the best online therapy platform compared to other available online therapy platforms.

    While other companies’ prices may be equivalent or slightly lower, the BetterHelp cost NZ  offers users more for their money. The cost of BetterHelp includes live chat, messaging, phone calls, video sessions, and group webinars as well as a weekly counselling session with your therapist.

    Meanwhile, other online therapy platforms will only include one-on-one sessions with a therapist without these extra features.

    Another way BetterHelp outperforms the competition is with its virtually year-round discount/promo codes, special offers, and sales that lower their already affordable price down.

    Other online therapy platforms don’t offer these specials nearly as often, and some never offer any at all.

    Similarly, if you use this link and the discount codes “ANZPATH” or “MENTALROUSE” you will receive 10% off your next purchase with BetterHelp.

    Opinions made are our own and are unrelated to affiliate partnerships with online therapy brands such as BetterHelp. We may receive compensation from BetterHelp or PrideCounseling as a BetterHelp affiliate via purchases from services shown on this page.