LGBTQ couples therapy near me. How to easily find friendly LGBT marriage & couples counseling.

My search for LGBTQ couples therapy near me was proving to go to infinity.

I luckily landed on Pride Counseling which marked the end of my search and a turning point from my longtime disappointments and embarrassments.

I am certain that there are other LGBT couples or those already in an LGBT marriage who are suffering silently and have been looking for the best therapy to no avail.

If you have had the chance to interact with LGBTQ couples therapists at Pride Counseling, count yourself lucky as you are among the blessed few.

Pride counseling is your couples therapy LGBTQ-friendly and accommodating home and I’m sure that all the LGBT members will feel at home and will get the right assistance.

LGBTQ couples therapy near me

I consider Pride Counseling the best platform for therapy. This is because they receive LGBT customers with open arms.

This is so different from other Therapy platforms where LGBT members are not treated like human beings.

Professionals that are supposed to help LGBT members cordially, turn a blind eye to them and even discriminate them forcing them to go back home and suffer from their problems alone.

LGBTQ couples counseling near me

The few professionals that are open to helping them lack enough knowledge about LGBTQ.

Luckily, With just one click, Pride Counseling has brought LGBT couples counseling near me with services offered at any time and any place in an unimaginable manner.

The 24/7 availability of therapists make things easier, as one can schedule the best time to have the therapy.

couples therapy lgbtq friendly

Match with a LGBTQ couples  therapist


Start chatting within minutes

Fast and convenient to get started. 


Save big time compared to in-person therapists.

Affordable. From USD 60 per week (incl. one session).


Dozens of trans therapists available

Largest selection of LGBTQ therapists online. Switch easily.

While here, you can never leave with an unsolved problem because the LGBT couples counseling online offered by Pride Counseling is equipped with trained and specialized therapists.

The specialists are conversant with LGBTQ because some of them are its members, which means that you will get the best LGBTQ couples Therapy when you have a one-on-one conversation with your therapist.

I had fears of getting married because I didn’t receive enough support from my parents and friends. My parents were embarrassed because I wanted to do gay marriage.

I was afraid that in case I had issues with my couple I couldn’t find anyone to counsel us because my associates disowned me.

This changed the day I made Pride Counseling my home. I now feel free and I am planning to get married soon since I am sure that whenever I will need any guidance in decision-making and other issues in my LGBTQ marriage, I have LGBTQ marriage counseling near me that will come through to bail me out.

Pride Counseling has brought LGBTQ couples therapy near me which has boosted my esteem because my problems are dealt with, even without attending the sessions personally.

This is very beneficial since one can ask anything without fear of intimidation. LGBTQ couples counseling near me has made my life smoother and I am positive that this is the way to go.

Best Service for Couples Therapy Near me – LGBTQ Friendly – Pride Counseling.

lgbt couples counseling near me

Pride Counseling prides itself in offering the best services and satisfying its client’s needs fully.

The first step to satisfying your clients is to accept them. Pride Counseling shows distinction by being polite and kind to all its customers.

It is almost impossible to find a customer who is disgruntled after visiting the Pride Counseling website.

The couples therapy LGBTQ-friendly services in Pride Counseling will leave LGBTQ couples with maximum satisfaction because they are services like no other.

Once you click the website’s link, you will be prompted to answer simple questions to help the matching engine find the best couple therapist for you to solve the problem you are experiencing with your partner.

The couples looking for LGBT couples counseling online services are required to give the correct details when filling the questionnaire.

The details are captured by the multiple choices questionnaires that narrow down to the different therapy services available to ensure couples get the specific therapy they need.

By giving the correct information, I was able to get the best LGBTQ couples therapy near me from the exact therapist that my partner and I were looking for.

Although people usually fear filling questionnaires because of ambiguity in some questions, the questions in Pride Counseling were easy and enjoyable. This is because they describe situations in a very simple way that any reader can understand.

After being matched with a gay therapist near me, the therapist introduces himself and assures the couple that the process is completely confidential and any information that is discussed will not be leaked to a third party after the therapy.

With such a level of assurance, I brought the search for LGBT couples therapy near me to an end because I had found a great place for me and I doubted I would ever find a platform like Pride Counseling. Let’s see how Pride counseling works.

How it works

For a successful session, everything begins right at Pride Counseling. After you have clicked the link. You are required to register so that you can have an active account.

After you have an active account, you are required to fill a questionnaire. The questionnaire is made up of simple questions to be filled by the couple seeking counseling services.

The questions are easy, capturing the relevant details about the couple such as the age, sexual orientation, psychological, and physical health of the couple.

These simple and other confidential questions must be answered correctly because when answered wrongly the client may be matched with the wrong therapist.

After the client has been matched to the available therapist, the client schedules the right time to have the couples therapy session together with the partner.

Couples are reminded to prepare each other before logging into a session to avoid miscommunications. This increases the level of openness from the couple’s side and will help the therapist to administer the right solutions to the problems.

Why is it your best option?

LGBTQ marriage counseling near me, Pride Counseling should be considered the best option for any client who needs LGBT couple counseling online. Pride Counseling is flexible, efficient, effective, easily accessible, and most importantly affordable.

You will never have a clear picture of Pride Counseling, unless you visit the site and experience it for yourself. They are always flexible and available to clients, enabling the clients to enjoy the therapy sessions from the comfort of their living rooms any time they want.

Also, Pride Counseling has very experienced counselors. The counselors are specialized in their specific niches, ensuring that their LGBTQ clients receive the best therapy sessions that suits their needs.

Concerning affordability, Pride Counselling is the best. As compared to in-person therapy, the amount that Pride Counseling charges is significantly lower. Pride counseling charges as low as $40 for LGBTQ couples therapy. This money is paid as a monthly subscription. The money caters for the unending therapy sessions. Part of the money caters for the use of Pride counseling platform.

Pricing. And the comparison to in-person pricing.

As mentioned above, LGBTQ couples therapy for me prices are very affordable for all LGBTQ clients. The general charges for Pride Counseling ranges from $40 to $70. This accommodates all services including therapy session for LGBTQ couples and those who are in LGBTQ marriages. At Pride counseling, Payment for services is so easy. Upon the account registration and creation, the client is requested to link their accounts to PayPal account. This ensures that subscription is automatic and that the billing will depend on the type of therapy that the client has received.

If the LGBTQ couples counseling near me by Pride counseling doesn’t satisfy the client, they are free to unsubscribe from the program and even deactivate their account.

Unlike the in-person pricing, you will realize that LGBTQ couples therapy for me is much cheaper. First, in-person therapists are scarce and not readily available. The available few have tight schedules and due to their scarcity and higher demand from LGBTQ couples and marriages, they tend to shoot their prices. The prices are reportedly to even be over $300 per hour in a session depending on the type of therapy. This leaves many couples unattended due to the unavailability and higher prices of in-person therapists.

Conclusion on couples therapy LGBTQ friendly

Pride Counseling is the perfect home for LGBTQ couples and those in LGBTQ marriages that are looking for counseling and people to hold their hands.

I had a really good partner but we were having issues here and there. We needed someone that would listen to us and breathe life to our dwindling relationship.

We went just about everywhere to find someone that would sit with us and lend as an ear. I fortunately found Pride Counseling.

Since I found Pride Counseling, I have never looked back. At Pride Counseling, we found LGBTQ-friendly professionals that decided to walk with us.

They have offered us great support with frequent therapy sessions that are very affordable and LGBTQ friendly.

My partner and I are happy that we found people that were willing to serve us and keep our issues private, people that handle LGBTQ members without stigmatizing them.

Pride Counseling is the place to be. We finally feel alive, so should you!