Best sex Therapist for Lesbians Online [Review] – Sex Coach and Sexologist for Lesbians.

Lesbian sex Therapist

The struggle the LGBTQIA+ community face to get a sex therapist is not talked about enough. I can only imagine how harder it will be for people living in places where their differences are not yet accepted. My friend told me, while I was complaining that it’s generally hard to find a sex therapist. Now finding a sex therapist for lesbians is even harder. 

I knew I needed to talk to a sex coach for lesbians when after I spoke to my therapist about things concerning my homosexuality, I realized there’s only but a little level to which she can understand me.

To her, she’s offering some solutions with her generalized knowledge but to me, the hammer keeps missing the head of the nail. She could hardly relate with me on a level I wanted. It was quite difficult.

I needed someone who will understand my situation better and a sexologist specialized in lesbians came to mind. My partner and I are done pretending that we don’t have sexual health problems.

A sexologist studies human sexualities and sexual behavior to improve their sexual life and experience. My experience with my therapist made me wish I could meet a sexologist or a coach for lesbians.

✔️ Helpful hint.

Here at ANZPath we highly recommend using Pride Counseling for LGBTQ+ Therapy Services. There you’ll be matched with the best therapist online that suits you.

It’s convenient, affordable and most of all, they have some of the most skilled therapists online specialized in helping lesbians.

Fill out this questionnaire at Pride Counseling to get matched with a therapist.

Just a few days after talking with my partner about how hard my therapist had been working in the wrong direction and how we should see a sexologist, she sent me a link while at work. Technology has really made things easier.

Who knows getting a sex therapist that helps lesbians was just at my fingertips. I wondered why I never thought of it. I later got to find out that this online sex therapist was ready to work at my pace and convenience.

The icing on the cake is the understanding that comes with it. It’s really great getting hooked on Pride counseling.

This is an LGBTQIA+  counseling space that has amazingly understanding Lesbian coaches, sexologist, and therapist who understands in deep detail the day-to-day Lesbian sexual issue ranging from:

  • finding of oneself
  • Coming out to friends and families
  • Adjusting to self-recognition
  • Getting comfortable in your sexual orientation
  • Expressing, exploring, and improving your homosexual life

Pride Counseling – Why it’s the Best sex therapy for lesbians

Lesbian Sex Coach

Pride Counseling is a subsidiary of Beta help which is an online based therapy support system for the LGBTQIA+ community that offers convenience and reliability.

This industry has made available sex therapists, sex coaches, and sexologists who are ready to work with you at your convenient time and space.

There are therapists that best suit your different concerns. This is why

Pride counseling has a matching engine (try it for yourself) that matches you with the therapist that suits your need best.

They offer services to LGBTQIA+ members who are:

  • Battling identity crisis
  • Battling with mental health
  • In need of someone who understands

You are at liberty to change your therapist at any time and also pick your form of communication; be it through video calls, voice calls, messages, or live chats.

Video calls: you log into the room at the time agreed on by you and your therapist. The video session then begins when both parties are ready

Voice calls: you log online and type in your number on the website at the time agreed on by you and your therapist. The system then connects you with your therapist with the setting of not revealing both your phone numbers to each other.

Messages: here you can send and receive messages at any time, respond when you can, or also make a  schedule.

Live chat: you can also exchange messages through the room at your scheduled time.

To be clear, the therapists mentioned on this page are not necessarily an LGBTQIA+ individual themselves. They are however "LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists" and are open, welcoming, and supportive towards LGBTQIA+ people.

How it works

To find an online therapist that best suit your area of concern on the Pride counseling online site you have to fill out a questionnaire that has multiple-choice questions. This is used by the website’s algorithm to match you with the best person for your special needs.

After this process is done and you have your therapist, you’re able to converse at your convenience.

As stated earlier, you get to choose whether you’d like to text, video call, or voice call, and you’re free to express yourself while your therapist offers you the best solution as guided by knowledge and experience.

Bear in mind that these therapist hold master’s degrees or doctorates in their field and are certified to practice.

Pricing for a sexologist specialized in lesbians

Compared to regular in-person therapy, Pride Counseling has made it easy to access sex coaches, sexologists, or sex therapists specialized in helping lesbians for as low as 60 to 90 dollars per week (billed monthly) for quality relatable sex therapy sessions which is cheaper than the in-person therapist for lesbians near me.

This is a good investment coming from an online counseling industry that knows how exactly to knot the bud compared to a surface knowledge therapy that charges roughly 250 dollars per hour session.

The good news is that you get to pay on a monthly subscription basis to save transaction costs. You also pay when you use the platform. For this, PayPal and credit card has proven to be the best platform for payment and the most used.

You can also unsubscribe when the need arises.

What does a sex sexologist for lesbians do?

Don’t forget that your lesbian sex therapist is also an LGBTQIA+ member who is knowledgeable in the lesbian sexual aspects coupled with their educational knowledge. They give a therapeutic atmosphere that gives you the freedom to talk about anything.

Your therapist is there to help with all your concerns ranging from mental and emotional to sexual concerns as a lesbian. They walk you through all this with all openness and support.

How long does sex therapy take?

Although you are free to use Pride counseling services for as long as you wish, your therapy sessions are quite moderated. You are expected to schedule time with your therapist for each session till you get satisfactory results.


If then you have been searching for an online sex therapist for lesbians that’ll work at your time, pace, and convenience rendering the best first-hand service as a professional and member of the LGBTQIA+ community then don’t waste any more time. You’re one click away from changing your life.

The truth is our sexual life affects our whole being particularly our emotional state, and so for me finding Pride counseling online has helped me through my sexual life which in turn helped me balance my mental and emotional state and made me live happier. Pride counseling is worth every investment.