Gender Identity Therapist Near Me. Here’s the best way to find a great gender identity psychologist for therapy.

gender identity psychologist

đź•’ Short on time? Here is your best option for finding a gender identity therapist.

We’ve found that Calmerry is not only the most affordable and convenient, they have the most experienced and skilled gender identity therapists on staff.

People with gender identity issues always have difficulty finding a gender identity psychologist.

When struggling with gender identity issues, I turned around to find a gender identity therapist near me.

My search for a gender identity counselor was like a farmer searching for a needle in a haystack. I couldn’t find someone to hold my hand and help me in my healing journey.

I approached several traditional therapists, but they couldn’t meet my needs. Most of them had zero experience when it came to gender identity disorder counseling.

Fortunately, I suddenly thought of surfing the internet to find a therapist specializing in gender identity disorder.

Within five minutes of scrolling continuously on the net, I came across one online therapy provider called Calmerry.

Intuitively, I knew that this website was all I needed to find an experience I have always been looking for gender identity therapy.

You can also find gender identity disorder counseling on the web if you are serious about healing.

Do you want an affordable and well-versed therapist for gender identity? When you visit Calmerry, you will realize that the platform has more than enough therapists who can deal with your specific situation.

Best Service for Gender Identity Counseling – Calmerry

gender identity therapist near me

My gut instinct was right when I chose Calmerry for gender identity therapy. I soon realized that I had made one of the best decisions ever in my life.

Calmerry identifies your needs and matches you with a counselor who can satisfy them. For instance, in your case, if you need a therapist for gender identity, Calmerry will quickly connect you with one who will help you deal with gender problems.

The platform will match you with a therapist specializing in gender identity  near me —an expert who knows the ins and the outs of gender identity issues.

Your healing journey will be easier because Calmerry will match you with a therapist who identifies as LGBTQ.

Unlike the in-person counselors and other online platforms, you will be dealing with someone who has first-hand experience in gender identity problems.

The gender identity counselor you will work with is undoubtedly highly skilled and certified by a well-known institution. They are good when it comes to listening with empathy. They want to give you space to express yourself so they may understand what they are dealing with.

After understanding your unique needs, your therapist will know how to help you. They may use mindfulness-based treatment techniques or recommend a particular medication for your healing.

To be clear, the therapists mentioned on this page are not necessarily an LGBTQIA+ individual themselves. They are however "LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists" and are open, welcoming, and supportive towards LGBTQIA+ people.

How it works

When you click on Calmerry, you cannot help but see “Professional therapy for the LGBTQ community” on the website’s homepage. 

Despite all these beautiful features you can see on the website, you only need an answer to one question. Yes! That question is the main reason you are still scrolling on the website’s homepage, not knowing what to do.

Here is the question: How will Calmerry help me to find a gender identity therapist near me?

Before you reach the point where you will be working with a professional gender identity psychologist, you must fully understand how Calmerry works.

Now, it’s my turn to ask you a question. Can you see a blue get started button on the homepage of this well-crafted website? If yes, you must be ready to see how the system functions.

Click on that get started button, and you will see a question on the screen: How do you identify? Your answer is based on what you feel is your gender identity. Do you think you are a woman, transfeminine man, non-binary or transmasculine? It’s upon you to choose an answer that suits your specific identity.

After answering that question, you will automatically be taken to the next page. Here you will answer the questions that follow. For example, the second question is: What are your pronouns? And the third one: What is your orientation (select all that apply)?

If you want the blog’s algorithm to match you with the best therapist for gender identity, you have to complete the questionnaire by answering all the questions correctly. The algorithm will also be interested in knowing about your relationship status, physical and mental health status, age, and if you’ve ever seen a therapist.

After completing the questionnaire, you need to create an account. Calmerry makes things easier because they allow you to use your nickname for the registration.

Lastly, Calmerry is supposed to give you a suitable gender identity psychologist. Depending on availability, the system may take a few hours or days to match you with a great counselor. Nevertheless, you should not be worried about your subscription because Calmerry ensures that you get a matching therapist before they start charging.

Why is it your best option for finding a therapist for gender identity?

Several characteristics set Calmerry apart from other online providers of therapy sessions.

To begin with the signup process, Calmerry allows you to register for an account using your nickname. What’s more? You will participate in your sessions through phone calls and live chat which is one way of hiding your name. If you are anxious, this option may be a miracle for you.

Secondly, if you find out that the counselor Calmerry gave you is unsatisfactory, you have the right to switch them. There is no need to subscribe to someone not well qualified in your specific area of concern. Both the therapist you were working with and the one you want have no problem if you want to switch them. All they want is to see you satisfied with their services and live a happier life.


Who wants to waste their money on therapy sessions that never work? If you are smart enough, you may want to avoid going through the same experiences as I did.

Do you want to save big chunks of money and get the therapy sessions you need? Why not give Calmerry a try? I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

While looking for a healer, I tried to find help from in-person therapists but realized that most of them were expensive. Most of them said that they wouldn’t charge me less than $ 100 per session.

If you look at alternative- Calmerry, you will find that in-person therapists do not consider transgender people. They ask for a higher fee, yet most of them are not qualified when dealing with the LGBTQ community.

When you sign up with Calmerry, you will pay as low as $50 each week. You will subscribe to their services each month as part of their billing process. And, of course, you are always free to stop accessing these services by hitting the unsubscribe button when you feel like it.

Example of Specific Therapists from Calmerry and how they help

  • Sarah Liu (LMFT-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)

If you are married but feel confused because of gender issues, Sarah may be one of the best therapists you will work with on Calmerry.

Sarah has more than three years of experience working with Trans couples.

Sarah will take you through beautiful therapeutic sessions as a couple and as a family. She will answer all your questions promptly.

  • Amanda Burts (LCSW, RPT)-Licensed Clinical Social Worker, A Registered Play Therapist

If you want to work with an accredited social worker, then Amanda may be one of the best therapists you will work with. She is well known for providing quick and thoughtful responses to her clients.

Other LGBTQ services

When choosing the platform for your therapy sessions, there are always alternatives on the internet. Many of them are small clinics providing therapy sessions for their clients. The main challenge with these small clinics is that they lack specialists who can offer gender identity disorder counseling.

To save big chunks of money and your time, it would be best if you avoided such platforms and moved on to those with specialized therapists with working knowledge of your specific gender issues.

Wrap up – therapist specializing in gender identity disorder

As you have seen from my story, finding a gender identity therapist near me was difficult. I started by approaching traditional therapists for help because I was in deep emotional pain.

Most of the therapists I approached were good in their areas of specialization. But were they good at dealing with my specific situation? No. These therapists were generalists who only knew how to deal with “normal” people but not the LGBTQ community.

That’s why I was delighted when I found Calmerry. My gender identity issues have been dealt with professionally ever since. Some of my deep-seated questions were answered by experts who understood how I felt. As we speak, I am a joyful transgender person because of the healing I found at Calmerry.