My Story: Gender Affirming Therapist near me. Best LGBTQ affirming counseling.

As a non-binary, finding a gender affirming therapist near me has not always been easy. I come from a small village, where the LGBTQ theme is shunned like a virus.

This means that finding a therapist who deals specifically with LGBTQ members is challenging.

Due to the stigma and prejudice that LGBTQ people face in my country, I had difficulty accessing gender affirming counseling.

I tried to approach my local therapist, who is a fantastic person, but he couldn’t advise me on the LGBTQ topic since he didn’t have the knowledge.

So here is my experience on how to find a gender therapist.

gender affirming therapist near me

Here is what saved me when it comes to a gender affirming therapist near me

I was almost giving up then I remembered that I had a smartphone and I could use it to search for LGBTQ affirming therapist near me.

At first, I was skeptical, but within five minutes of searching on the web, I bumped into Pride Counseling.

This is an online service that offers therapy sessions for LGBTQ community.

To find out if they were genuine, I checked their website and was impressed by the results. I realized that Pride Counseling has many therapists for LGBTQ with different areas of specialization.

To be clear, the therapists mentioned on this page are not necessarily an LGBTQIA+ individual themselves. They are however "LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists" and are open, welcoming, and supportive towards LGBTQIA+ people.

Best Service for Gender Affirming Counseling – Pride Counseling.

If you’ve been wondering how to find a gender therapist, you need not to worry anymore. Pride Counseling has a matching engine (try it for yourself) that matches you with the therapist that suits your need best.

How do I get started?

Pride Counseling allows you to fill out a questionnaire that has a few multiple choice questions.

The questions are simple and take the shortest time you could ever imagine. You have to ensure that you answer these questions honestly because they will help the algorithms of Pride Counseling to match you with a therapist who satisfies your needs.

The affirmation therapy will be assessment-based. This means the therapist will carefully assess your situation by openly conversing with you. 

Pride Counseling helps you with gender therapy by ensuring that you freely express your thoughts and emotions.

In the comfort of your home, you will be able to express how you feel about your gender identity. The professional will listen and suggest what you need to do without transitioning.

How it works

There are a few things that the algorithms of Pride Counseling want to know about you when they ask you questions.

They are not being nosy. They genuinely want to understand your specific situation and help you in the best way possible. What’s more? They want to know the therapy sessions that will work specifically for you.

Pride Counseling wants to know your identity and the pronouns you prefer. They also want to understand your psychological and physical health, sexual orientation, and whether you’ve taken therapy sessions before.

All this information is valuable because it will enable the website algorithm to match you with an expert who can efficiently deal with your situation. Once you have completed the task of answering the questions, you are ready to connect with an available professional who will take you through the rest of the session.

Why is it your best option?

Choosing this route to heal your gender identity issues has numerous benefits.

First, all your gender affirming counseling sessions will happen online. This means you can choose the time that works for you and go through the healing journey from anywhere. You can choose to have the therapy sessions from your home or at the beach during the sunbath.

Secondly, you will deal with counselors who have broad experience in LGBTQ issues. They know more about sexuality and gender, so they will be free to discuss your situation in detail.

Thirdly, you have the freedom to change your therapist if you are not fully satisfied with the one you are given.

The LGBTQ affirming therapist near me is available whenever I need them. Your therapist will be available based on the time that you schedule your sessions. If you have a day job, you can choose to have a chat or phone call with your therapist at night. Working with a therapist in a different time zone is also possible.

Lastly, one of the things I liked about Pride Counseling is its affordability. The amount they charge their clients makes it possible for everyone in the LGBTQ community to access their services. My next point will go into more detail.

Pricing. And the comparison to in-person pricing

When I was searching for a gender affirming therapist near me, one of the things I was anxious about was the amount I would be charged. I wanted to find a transgender therapist who could help me deal with my gender issues without charging me excessive amounts.

I came across several in-person therapists who had different prices. But I can say the price range for most of them was from 65 dollars to 250 dollars for every hour they could counsel me. To make it more challenging, I found that these therapists were generalists who lacked expertise in gender-affirming therapy.

On the other hand, I realized that Pride Counseling provides quality services for LGBTQ people at an affordable price. Their price range is from 60 dollars to 90 dollars every week, and billing is done in a bundle of 4 weeks in a subscription-based format.

The subscription fee accounts for messaging your therapist at anytime and one video session. What’s more? The amount will also cover your use of the platform.

A credit card or PayPal is the most common payment method you can use to sign up. If you wish to leave for some reason, you can always unsubscribe whenever you want to.

Conclusion – gender affirming therapist near me

Finding a gender affirming therapist near me was a bit of work. But the journey of searching online and within my area was worth it when I finally found Pride Counseling. You can also choose to use this platform to find a better therapist who will deal with your gender issues.

Are you ready to make a simple choice that will completely change your life for the better?

A website that will answer your questions and help provide affordable mental health care is what you should opt for right now. This website will also connect you with a knowledgeable online gender therapist who will match the issues that you are battling.