What is my gender identity? Test & Quiz

Do you find asking yourself “What is my gender identity?” Then this “What is my gender identity quiz & test” is for you.

This quiz will show you were on the spectrum of gender identities you’ll fall and give an indication what are good next steps for you to take.

Below you’ll find a FAQ on questions related to “What is my gender identity?”.

What is my gender identity quiz

FAQ for the “What Is My Gender Identity Quiz & Test”

The Definition of gender identity: What Does It Mean?

Gender identity is the label society has given us, however in modern times more and more genders are becoming acceptable. Your gender identity simply means what gender you feel right being labelled.

What gender identities exist today?

There are many genders today some and not all are:

  • Agender
  • Bigender
  • Cisgender
  • Genderfluid
  • Nonbinary
  • Transgender¬†

What is the definition of a demiboy?

If we wish to explain demiboy in the simplest terms possible, we can say that demiboy characteristics are comparable to having the gender identity of a man but none of the feelings associated with being a man.

What Do Demigirl Pronouns Entail?

People who are ambisexual and feel some level of comfort identifying as either female or agender are said to have demifemale tendencies. They could feel the same way about both or have a stronger connection to one. Demisexuals often use pronouns such as The/Them and She/Her rather than the more traditional He/Him.

Can You Define Demigender and Agender?

Demigirls are women who consider themselves to be female but don’t necessarily identify with that label. If you don’t strongly identify with either gender, you might be agender.

Can Persons Switch Between Genders?

Hormone therapy for at least one year prior to genital reassignment surgery is advised (GRS). The genitalia of a person is surgically altered to resemble those of the opposite sex. Another option is testicular removal.

    Is This the Professional Test For Finding Out Gender Identity?

    Professional medical advice should not be inferred from the results of this test as it has not been evaluated by trained physicians. There is no certainty about the suggested gender.

    Why not just stick to male or female? 

    While official governments tend to stick to these two gender labels, the reality is people are so different and the spectrum is so much wider and complex than just two genders.

    How To Identify Your Gender Identity?

    This video could be useful if you’re interested in figuring out your gender.