What Gender Am I Attracted To? Quiz & Test. Trans, Men, or Women?

Who are you attracted to? Trans, men, or women?

When you are in doubt we recommend having a chat with a gender therapist, such as Calmerry.

A gender therapist will help clarify and guide you in the right direction based on how you are feeling.

CALMERRY is an online therapy service that we highly recommend.

Alternatively, take this “What Gender Am I Attracted To quiz & test” to help get some clarity.

This quiz helps tell you specifically which gender you are attracted to. It could also be called a trans attraction test.

You’ll also find a helpful FAQ to answer popular questions about gender. 

What Gender Am I Attracted To quiz

FAQ for the “What Gender Am I Attracted To Quiz & Test”. Trans, men, or women?

Can I Be Attracted To More Than One Gender? 

Yes. Bisexual individuals feel attracted to both men and women. Pan-sexual people, on the other hand, find that everyone, regardless of their gender-identity, attracts them.

Am I attracted to men?

You could be attracted to men, we recommend taking this am I attracted to men quiz and then talk to a gender therapist to get full clarity.

Am I sexually attracted to females? quiz

 We recommend taking this am I attracted to women (females) quiz and then talk to a gender therapist to get full clarity.

What Is Gyno-sexuality?

Gyno-sexuality can be described as sexual attraction towards women(or transgenders with female gender identity).

Who Is A Grey-Sexual Individual?

Grey-sexual individuals are asexual individuals who can feel sexually attracted to people occasionally.

What Is Andro-sexuality?

Andro-sexuality can be defined as sexual attraction toward men or individuals with masculine gender identity.

How Do I Know If I Am Bisexual?

Do you feel equally attracted to both men and women? It this attraction just emotional or has a sexual component to it? Your answer to these questions should help you figure out if you are bisexual.


Can You Control Who You Are Attracted To?

Yes And No!

You cannot control who you are attracted to. But, you can control your actions. Before trying to suppress your needs, it is important to be very clear about your motivation. What is it that you are really trying to control? Why?

Is This A Professional Test?

This quiz is not medically approved and should not be considered a professional opinion. It is merely a potential indication of your sexual orientation.

Don’t rely on online quizzes or tests for your answer instead talk to a professional gender therapist to get an accurrate answer. Read more about that here.


Am I Pan-sexual?

Only you can answer this question for yourself. Consider reading/learning about other people’s experiences as pansexuals and see if this particular orientation makes sense to you.

Thoughts From Others on the big question of “who am i attracted to quiz”

Here are some videos which can help you explore your sexual orientation, regardless of your gender.