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What Are My Pronouns? Quiz & Test

Are you confused about your pronouns? As a genderqueer individual, it is normal to be confused about or experiment with your pronouns.

This quiz will help answer your big question: “What Are My Pronouns?”

On this page, you’ll also find a helpful FAQ to answer popular LGBTQ pronoun-related questions. 

what are my  pronouns quiz

FAQ for the “What Are My Pronouns Quiz”

Why Do Pronouns Matter?

Pronouns are an important part of our identity. Using non-binary and gender-neutral pronouns is an important part of gender affirmation and can help us cope with gender dysphoria. 

Are There Any Gender Neutral Pronouns?

Yes. They/Them, Xe/Xem, Ze/Zim, Sie/Hir are some gender neutral pronouns used by LGBT individuals.

How Do I Tell People About The Pronouns I Prefer?

There is no easy way to talk about your pronouns. Try including your pronouns in your email signature to tell your colleagues what pronouns to use for you. You can also send a message to your friends with a list of pronouns you are comfortable with.

Can I Change My Pronouns?

Yes. It is common for people to change their pronouns while exploring their gender identity. 

What If Others Refuse To Call Me By The Pronouns Chosen By Me?

Explain to them how important your pronouns are to you. If they continue to disrespect your identity, please consider cutting these people out of your life.


What Should I do If Someone Bullies Me About My Identity?

Unless you are in high school, there is no reason for anyone to bully you about your identity. Teenagers, often, can’t visualize the consequences of their actions. But, adults know better. If someone is close-minded and don’t have it in them to use appropriate pronouns, it’s better to not bother about these people and find new peers.


What More Can I Do To Find The Pronouns That Support My Identity?

If you are still unclear about the pronouns that describe you the best, consider connecting with a gender-affirming therapist. Your therapist will create a safe space for you to explore your gender and find the pronouns that describe you the best.

How Can I Ask Others About Their Pronouns Respectfully?

Transgender or non-binary people are still people. They can sense respect even if you accidentally use the wrong pronoun. The best way to ask someone about their pronouns is by showing respect for their identity. 

Why Pronouns Matter

Pronouns help gender-diverse people feel noticed and cared for.

As a non-binary or trans individual, changing your pronouns is an important part of affirming your gender. 

It is one of the best ways to assert your gender identity. If you are unclear about the pronouns you resonate with, please consider working with a gender-affirming therapist.