Should I Take A “Should I See a Therapist or Psychologist Quiz or Test”

Deciding whether to seek help from a therapist or a psychologist can be tough.

But we DON’T recommend taking a “Should I See a Therapist or Psychologist Quiz or Test” you find on the internet, as they often are NOT backed by facts, research, or give any genuine indications whether it is a psychologist or therapist you need.

Instead of taking a “Should I See a Therapist or Psychologist Quiz or Test”, we at ANZPath, highly recommend you fill out this questionnaire at Calmerry, based on your needs it matches you with a therapist or psychologist. They will put you in direct contact with them.

Calmerry is a convenient and low cost option to get professional therapy.

should i see a therapist or psychologist quiz

FAQ About The “Should I See a Therapist or Psychologist Quiz”

Should I See a Therapist or Psychologist?

We recommend you take the quiz above, it will match you with the best suits therapist or psychologist and give you clarity that way. 

What is a Therapist?

Therapists are trained and licensed to provide treatment and rehabilitation for those struggling with their mental health and/or just need someone to talk to for support.

What is a Psychologist?

A psychologist has been trained to do research in the field of psychology, they contribute to the field through academic routes as well as clinical routes.

What are Some Types of Therapists?

Types of therapists include but are not limited to marriage and family counselors, behavioral therapists, addiction therapists, clinical therapists, and cognitive therapists.

What are Some Types of Psychologists?

Types of psychologists include but are not limited to clinical neuropsychologists, counseling psychologists, developmental psychologists, clinical psychologists, and abnormal psychologists.

How Long Do Therapists Go to School?

Therapists need a bachelor’s degree which takes 4 years minimum on average.

How Long Do Psychologists Go to School?

In order to become a psychologist people need to go through roughly 8-12 years of higher level education. Psychologists require both a bachelor’s degree as well as a doctorate.

    Which One is Better, a Therapist or Psychologist?

    Neither one is better or worse, they both focus on different things. However, if you have a more serious mental illness or condition then a psychologist may be more beneficial.

    Can Therapists Prescribe Medication?

    No, therapists cannot prescribe medication but they can refer you to a clinical psychologist for further evaluation and treatment. Clinical psychologists will be able to prescribe you medication for a mental health condition as they are doctors.

    More Thoughts on  whether you need a Therapist or Psychologist

    We hope this has helped enlighten you a bit more on the similarities and differences of therapists and psychologists.