Should I Take A Sexuality Personality Test or Quiz

Have you been questioning what sexuality personality you align with, or are you just unsure of what a sexuality personality even is? 

Humans have such a wide range of differences when it comes to their sex lives and it can be helpful to find out how you differ and compare to others.

We DON’T recommend taking a “Sexuality Personality Test or Quiz” you find on the internet, as they often are NOT backed by facts, research, or give any genuine and clear indications which gender you truly are.

Instead of taking a “Sexuality Personality Test or Quiz”,  we at ANZPath, highly recommend using Pride Counseling for professional gender therapy to get you more clarity.

A licensed therapist knows how to help you based on experience and education.

Fill out this questionnaire at Pride Counseling to get matched with a therapist that suits you.

Sexuality Personality Test

To be clear, the therapists mentioned on this page are not necessarily an LGBTQIA+ individual themselves. They are however "LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists" and are open, welcoming, and supportive towards LGBTQIA+ people.

FAQ About Sexuality Personality Test or Quiz

What is a Sexuality Personality?

A person’s sexuality personality refers to the reasons why they would be motivated to have sex as well as their definition of what “good sex” is.

What are the Sexuality Personalities?

The types of sexuality personalities are: the decompresser, the explorer, the fair-trader, the giver, the guardian, the passion-pursuer, the pleasure-seeker, the prioritizer, the romantic, the spiritualist, & the thrill-seeker.

Why Does Knowing Your Type Matter?

Figuring out what aspects of sex matter to you most help you to communicate your needs to potential sexual partners.

Does Everyone Have a Sexuality Personality?

Yes, everyone has a sexuality personality but not everyone decides to specifically label it that way.

Are Sexuality Personality’s Part of the LGBT+ Community?

People in the LGBT+ community as well as straight people have sexual personalities. Your romantic and sexual orientation does not have anything to do with your sexuality personality.

    Who Came up with the Idea of Sexual Personalities?

    Sexual personalities are most famously associated with sex therapists. Sex therapists developed these labels so that they could help their clients understand each others wants and needs.

    Do Sexual Partners Need to Have the Same Sexuality Personality?

    Not at all. Sometimes, differing personalities are beneficial, “opposites attract!”

    Can Sexuality Personalities Change?

    Yes, they can change throughout your life or you can have multiple.

    Thoughts from other people with strong Sexual Personalities

    We hope we’ve helped you understand what sexuality personalities are. Our goal here is to enlighten you on what yours may be. Take our test in order to help you figure it out!