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Are you questioning your gender identity? Are you looking to find out more about what exactly quoigender means?

Take our “Quoigender Quiz & Test” to learn more about this lesser known gender identity.

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FAQ for the “Am I Quoigender Quiz & Test”

What Does Quoigender Mean?

A person identifying as quoigender is one who feels that existing gender identity terms don’t apply to them.

Is Quoigender an Umbrella Term?

Yes, quoigender is an umbrella term for people who either don’t understand or want to define their gender.

Do Quoigender People Believe in Gender?

Some do, and some don’t. Some quoigender people find it comforting to have a gender identity label, while some may not care either way.

Who Coined the Term?

Quoigender was coined in 2014 by a Tumblr user named epochryphal.

Is Quoigender the Same as Being Nonbinary?

No, nonbinary means people don’t identify with any gender terms, but they recognize gender as a valid concept. Quoigender doesn’t care for gender as a concept or doesn’t care to understand it.

Can I use Quoigender while I’m Figuring out my Gender Identity?

Yes, many people use quoigender as an alternative to say they are “questioning” their identity.

    Can I Change my Identity from Quoigender if I find Another Gender Identity I Relate with?

    Yes, of course! Many people who have identified as quoigender have changed their identity through time, while some have not, there’s no pressure.

    Can I Be Quoigender and LGBT+?

    Yes! Being qouigender has nothing to do with your sexual attraction, you can be straight or part of the LGBT+ community and be quoigender at the same time.

    Thoughts From Quoigenders

    We hope that we’ve helped you gain some more insight on what being quoigender means. If you’ve been questioning your gender identity, remember you don’t need to come out unless you want to. The choice is up to you!