Masculinity Femininity Test & Quiz. Am I Feminine or Masculine?

At some point in life everyone has wondered at times “Am I Feminine or Masculine?”. You might be having thoughts that you recently added more feminine than you anticipated or vice versa. 

Whichever you case might be take this “Masculinity Femininity Test & Quiz” to get more clarity.

You’ll find a helpful FAQ to answer popular  questions related to masculinity and femininity  below. 

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FAQ for the “Masculinity Femininity Test & Quiz”. Am I Feminine or Masculine?

What Does It Mean To Be Feminine?

A person who is feminine usually displays traits that women often exhibit. This could be being more emotional, certain body language, and can even be about the type clothing style. 

How Do I know That I’m Masculine?

If you are very masculine others have probably told you it, especially women. It is often displayed as being fearless, muscular, and a leader.

What If I’m I both have femininity and masculinity?

There is no danger in having both traits. It is often more the degree to each end of the spectrum that has a bigger impact. It is not uncommon for gay men to display feminine behavior or style, which lesbians can often display more masculine behavior.

Can You Be a man and a women at the same Time?

While officially you can only be either or. Terms that could be used for this is transsexual, transgenders, demigender, or more subcategories.

Why do some countries have more feminine men?

No conclusive research has ever been done on this topic, although there are indications that certain countries have more cases of feminine acting men.

    Are you gay if you display masculinity while being a women and vice versa?

    Not necessarily. There is a general spectrum on homosexuality, but you could be entire straight even thought your actions don’t correspond with your gender.

    Thoughts on masculinity and femininity

    Here are opinions on masculinity and femininity from influencers online.