LGBT Life Coach for Gays. Here Are Our Top Choices.

Gay Life Coach

Being gay means many different things to many different people, but one thing is for sure; the unique struggles that LGBT+ people face would be considerably benefited by having access to an LGBT life coach.

While having access to a life coach for gay people is becoming more and more common with each passing day, the accessibility is still not perfect.

This problem is especially crucial to solve when you realize that LGBT+ people are disproportionately affected by mental illnesses at an alarming rate, particularly due to social factors. 

Fortunately, an online therapy platform named Pride Counseling is working to mend this unfairness.

You’ve probably heard of Pride Counseling’s parent company, Better Help. Pride Counseling is a subsidiary of Better Help that specializes in counseling specifically for the LGBT+ community.

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Here at ANZPath we highly recommend using Pride Counseling for LGBTQ+ Therapy Services. There you’ll be matched with best LGBTQ life therapist online that suits you.

It’s convenient, affordable and most of all, they have some of the most skilled life therapists online for gays.

Fill out this questionnaire at Pride Counseling to get matched with a therapist.

LGBT Life Coach

The Benefits of Having a Life Coach for Gay People

Having an LGBT life coach has proven beneficial for so many people. Virtually everyone benefits from having a life coach, but especially those who are:

  • Going through major life changes
  • Feeling lost
  • Letting anxiety hold them back from the things they want
  • Engaging in self-destructive habits & have low self-worth
  • Wanting to be more proactive and counterproductive
  • Struggling with time management and life planning

To be clear, the therapists mentioned on this page are not necessarily an LGBTQIA+ individual themselves. They are however "LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists" and are open, welcoming, and supportive towards LGBTQIA+ people.

Real Examples of LGBT Life Coaches from Pride Counseling

Tamia Cardenas (LMFT): Ms. Cardenas is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that specializes in LGBT+ issues. She has over 7 years of professional experience in the field and works to create an open and safe environment for her clients so that they can feel free to share their thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged.

Mark Jeremy Trybulski (LMFT): Mr. Trybulski is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that specializes in LGBTQ+ issues. He specializes in both psychotherapy, as well as working with clients as a life coach. He helps his patients focus on staying present and focus on “today” so that they can have an even better tomorrow.

Megan Adams (LCSW): Ms. Adams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that specializes in LGBT+ counseling. She has over 13 years of professional experience in the field of psychology and she is committed to creating a safe and inspiring environment for her clients. Her counseling style focuses on being direct, authentic, empathetic, and empowering.

Torgeir Aavik (LPC): Mr. Aavik is a Licensed Professional Counselor that specializes in LGBT+ counseling. He has 3 years of professional experience and has worked with clients from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and ages. He works to get to know his clients as a person first and then comes up with personalized goals and solutions to benefit their own unique needs.

Some of the most successful people in the world have gained success and bettered their wellbeing through the help of a life coach. For the unique trials that the LGBT+ community faces specifically, enlisting the help of a gay life coach will be of significant benefit; especially one from a professional, quality platform like Pride Counseling.