Should I Take An Intersex Test or Quiz


Have you heard the term intersex or are confused about what intersexuality means?

Are you curious to know whether or not you may be intersex?

Some say take an intersex test or quiz.

We DON’T recommend taking an intersex test or quiz you find on the internet, as they often are NOT backed by facts, research, or give any genuine and clear indications which gender you truly are.

Instead of taking an intersex test or quiz,  we at ANZPath, highly recommend using Calmerry for professional gender therapy to get you more clarity on where you might be on the gender spectrum.

A licensed therapist knows how to help you based on experience and education.

Start here and fill out the questionnaire at Calmerry to get matched with a therapist that suits you.

Read our intersex FAQ below to find out more.

Intersex test

To be clear, the therapists mentioned on this page are not necessarily an LGBTQIA+ individual themselves. They are however "LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists" and are open, welcoming, and supportive towards LGBTQIA+ people.

FAQ About The Intersex Test or Quiz

What Does Intersex Mean?

Intersex is an umbrella term that refers to bodies that fall outside the male and female binary.

What Makes Someone Intersex?

A person that’s intersex may be born with reproductive and sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit strict “male” and “female” guideline.

What Happens After Someone’s Born Intersex?

After an intersex person is born, sometimes doctors may perform surgeries on them in order to make the baby fit into the binary male and female standards of society.

Do People Always Know They’re Intersex?

No! There has been many cases of intersex people not knowing they’re intersexual until they have to go to in for surgery or attempt to have children with their partner.

Does Being Intersex Require Medical Intervention?

No! Being intersex is a natural variation in humans and doesn’t require intervention. However, due to outdated ways of thinking, some intersex children are pushed into surgeries and hormone therapy to “fix” them.

    Is Being Intersex Common?

    Around 1.7% of Earth’s population is born with at least one intersex trait. For comparison, the number of people born with red hair is 1%-2%. Intersex is more common then people realize!

    Is Intersex the Same as Being Transgender?

    No, physical sexual characteristics have nothing to do with someone’s gender identity or who they’re attracted to.

    Is Intersex the Same as Having Ambiguous Genitalia?

    No, intersex people may have typical male or female genitalia, but their hormones and chromosomes match the opposite sex more.

    Thoughts from other Intersexuals

    We hope that we’ve helped you understand a bit more on being intersex. Historically, people who are intersex have been treated unfairly, and with more education on the subject this may be helped.

    Whether or not you are intersex, it’s important for you to know that nothing is wrong with the way you were born and you are valid.