Should I Take A “How to Find The Right Therapist Quiz & Test?” For finding A Therapist That Fits You

If you’ve been wondering how to find a therapist that is the perfect fit for you then, we DON’T recommend taking a “How to find the right therapist quiz” you find on the internet, as they often are NOT backed by facts, research, or give any genuine indications what therapist is right for you.

Instead of taking a “How to find the right therapist quiz”,  we at ANZPath, highly recommend you fill out this questionnaire at BetterHelp, it matches you with a therapist that fits your needs and puts you in direct contact with them.

BetterHelp is a convenient and low cost option to get professional therapy.

how to find the right therapist quiz

To be clear, the therapists mentioned on this page are not necessarily an LGBTQIA+ individual themselves. They are however "LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists" and are open, welcoming, and supportive towards LGBTQIA+ people.

FAQ for “How to Find The Right Therapist Quiz & Test”

Why is the How to Find a Therapist Quiz Helpful?

Finding a quality therapist can be a difficult task and often people have no idea how to start. The questionnaire we recommend will help give you a baseline for what it is you need to do.

What’s a Therapist?

Someone who treats mental health conditions by performing a particular kind of therapy on the patient.

Why do I Need a Therapist?

Therapists help you identify stressors and unhealthy habits in your life and work with you to help you develop healthier coping strategies.

Are Therapists Doctors?

No, while therapists who earn a Doctorate may be doctors, typically therapists aren’t doctors and are only required to have a Master’s degree in order to practice.

How Do I Find a Therapist?

There are many different ways you can find a therapist, including: searching a reliable online database, consulting with your medical provider, or simply asking a friend who you can trust.


How Expensive is Therapy?

Depending on your location, therapy can range from around $50 all the way to $400.

    Is Therapy Worth It?

    Studies have shown 75% of people found that undergoing psychotherapy was very effective…

    How To Know If My Therapist is the Right Fit For Me?

    If your therapist has the specialization you’re looking for, such as a focus on anxiety or depression they might be a good fit. Also, if you trust your therapist and feel comfortable with them it is a good sign the two of you will be a good match.

    Helpful videos on how to find the right therapist that fits you

    We hope our How to Find The Right Therapist Quiz & Test helps you find the best therapist for yourself!