How much does Gender Therapy cost?

how much does gender therapy cost

You might have seen the importance of a gender therapist and you are likely interested in securing their services.

Therefore, questions like, what does a gender therapist cost? What are the additional charges for a gender therapist? How much does gender therapy cost? Does insurance cover gender therapy?

In this article, we will be providing answers to these questions.

As essential as gender therapy is to an individual or family having a gender crisis, the cost of the therapy is a major bar for many clients.

However, it is noteworthy that anything of importance has a price. You can access Gender therapy services at reasonable rates.

So, gender therapy costs will not make you rob a bank to afford it.

How much does gender therapy cost? And factors that influence gender therapy cost.

Certain factors affect gender therapy costs for an individual. Such factors include

  • The length of the session,
  • Medium of communication ( video call, chats, or physical appearance),
  • Qualifications and experience of your therapist,
  • The willingness of the government to invest in gender issues
  • A good insurance plan will also affect your budget.

Although many will disagree with some of the factors listed above, we encourage you to consider two factors of your choice before placing a bar for your budget.

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gender therapist cost

Gender therapy services and Gender therapist cost

With health insurance in some regions, you might pay $12 for a single session once a month. However, without insurance, your monthly gender therapist cost ranges from $30 to $100.

How much does gender therapy cost?

However, for a more expanded price list without insurance,  study our description below:

Individual session: $190-$285 (depending on the allotted time frame)

Family sessions: $250- $345 (depending on the allotted time frame)

This price list covers services like depression, stress, and anxiety sessions, as negotiation and boundary sessions.

Services like identity development and discovery sessions, Gender-related issues, and many more.

To be clear, the therapists mentioned on this page are not necessarily an LGBTQIA+ individual themselves. They are however "LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists" and are open, welcoming, and supportive towards LGBTQIA+ people.

Who is Eligible for Gender therapy?

Everyone has a right to identify with a gender that suits them. So, anyone who is conscious of themselves can come for gender therapy.

Individuals above 10 years have access to gender therapy. They can see the therapist alone or with their parents or caregivers.

Parents, guardians, and caregivers are also advised to visit a gender therapist.

It will guide them on the appropriate knowledge and skill when their children or wards become curious or dissatisfied with their gender.

Families are also not left out. The more individuals are aware of gender issues and how to keep the channels of communication open, the more well-rounded our society becomes.

Asking the right questions and giving the appropriate responses reduces the misguided stigma and improves the chances of gender acceptance.


A good gender therapist is not focused on money. , They are concerned with helping you connect with your body and acceptable gender.

There is no stigma with your therapist, as one guides you into self-acceptance and love for your body, gender, and sexuality.

Do not be tempted to back down, you deserve to get clarity and enjoy the process of discovering who you are.

Shake off the restraints society has placed on you and visit a gender therapist today! You will be glad you did.