Gay Test For Kids – Quiz.


Being a kid, dealing with finding out your sexual orientation could be confusing. It doesn’t have to be.

This gay test for kids would help clear out the confusion you’re feeling.

Gay test for kids

FAQ for “Gay Test for Kids – Quiz”

What does it Mean to be Gay?

To be gay means to have a sexual interest in persons of similar gender.

How do I Come out as Gay?

Consider talking with those you want to tell. Explain how important it is to you and give them room to accept you.

What Should I do if my Parents fail to Accept that I’m Gay?

Understand that it would take some time to fully reconcile with the idea. Let the love and bond you share with your parents keep you hoping they’ll accept you for who you are.

Does being Gay mean I can’t keep Another Gender as a friend?

Absolutely not! Gay People can be friends with anyone as they see fit.

Am I Gay because I have Cross-sex-Type behaviors?

Many parents have claimed that their fay kids showed cross-sex-type behaviors before officially coming out. But this is not a criterion to be gay.


Would others know I’m Gay by Looking?

Of course, people might be quick to label other people’s orientation. But sometimes, they might get it wrong. There’s no look to being gay, so all the public would have are speculations. Except in cases where they are told by someone you’ve come out to.  

    Would my sexual orientation change in the future?

    While you don’t want to be in a rush to decide what your sexual orientation is, you should know that it doesn’t change in the future. For some persons, they never figure out their true orientation till much later. However, the internal testament must have surfaced for a while. Meaning it’s not a phase that’ll pass soon.


    How to explain different sexual orientations to kids.

    It is most helpful to make use of children’s books. These books are designed to clarify the meanings and issues of sexual orientation in a way that kids easily understand.

    Thoughts From Other gay kids

    Being Gay is not a life sentence. Being friends with gay people is not inherently a bad idea. And, of course, gay people can be friends with straight people.