Feminization Test & Quiz.


Do you feel like the birth sex you were given is different from your gender identity?

Have you felt you should be another gender for up to 6 months? That maybe you should go through feminization?

Then we recommend talking to an online gender therapist like CALMERRY.

A gender therapist will help clarify and guide you in the right direction based on how you are feeling.

CALMERRY is an online therapy service that we highly recommend.

Alternatively, the following quiz can help give clarity on feminization, but less than a feminization therapist would.

Feminization test

FAQ for “Feminization Test & Quiz”

What is a Feminizing effect?

Among the effects are breast development, redistribution of subcutaneous fat on the face and body, a decrease in muscle mass, a change in sweat and odor patterns, and a halt and potential reversal of scalp hair loss.

What does the Facial Feminizing Process Entail?

It entails a series of procedures where a person’s body look is enhanced to make them look more feminine. This includes having the chin restructured, a shift in the hairline to make the forehead appear smaller, and having the lips or cheekbones augmented.

Can I Feminize my Legs?

The process of feminization involves every visible body part. Feminizing the legs with exercise could be done with squat exercises, lunges, and sprints, as they help build shapely athletic legs.

Would taking Estrogen to make you more Feminine?

The function of estrogen in the female body is to promote changes that are more familiar with feminine appearance. Therefore, taking estrogen would enhance feminine appearance.

Can I make Myself look more Feminine without Hormones?

Now, if this is about looking feminine, it’s pretty doable because it’s all about the looks. It would, however, require a change of wardrobe, application of feminine make-up, altering body shapes using prosthetic body parts, and changing hairstyle to a more feminine one.

Can I get Female Hormones Naturally?

The quick answer is yes. It is possible to get the hormone that would alter the physical build. Nutritionists have picked foods like Soybeans, Sesame seeds, and Flax seeds as natural female hormones suppliers.

    Is it Possible for a Guy to become Feminine?

    If attention is paid to the feminization process, it is possible for a guy to become feminine.


    Is Feminizing HRT Permanent?

    Feminizing Hormone Therapy is just therapy through the gender transitioning process. This means that some of the changes might be permanent, and some might stop as soon as the medicine intake stops.

    Thoughts From Individuals who have gone through feminization

    The time is past to be stuck in a gender you don’t feel inclined to. The process of feminization makes it easier to leave the foreign label.