Faegender Quiz & Test – Genderfae.


Do you have a feeling like your gender constantly changes? Are you stuck wondering what your gender exactly is?

Take this Faegender Quiz & Test (Genderfae) to find out more.

Faegender quiz

FAQs for the “Faegender Quiz & Test”

What does the Fae pronoun mean?

The Fae pronoun is used to refer to persons who ascribe to the gender-neutral third-person singular person pronoun. This could be equivalent to ‘they’ or other gender pronouns like she and he.

What is Faegender?

Faegender is a specific type of gender that changes with the seasons, equinoxes, and moon phases. Although it sounds like to genderfae, they do not mean exactly the same things.

What does it mean to be Gender non-conforming?

To be non-conforming means that you do not conform or identify with the gender you were given at birth. In another sense, it could mean that these persons do not fit into a particular category of gender.

What does Gender Transitioning mean?

To gender transform simply means that a person has chosen not to identify with the gender ascribed to them at birth and has instead began to live and act like the gender identity of their choice.

Is Faegender a Nonbinary Identity?

Yes, to be fae means to not fit into a set category that the world was once accustomed to.

Is there a Difference between being Faegender and being  Agender?

Agender means that there is absence of gender. Faegender, on the other hand, being an offshoot of non-binary identity, means that these persons neither identify as male nor female.

    Can I know a Faegender person by Looking?

    As with most gender characterizations, there is no way to tell a person’s gender by looking at them. For most, it simply pays to ask in the best way possible rather than to assume.


    Is it Possible to Stop being Genderfae?

    Science researchers have explained that there is no change as it were, because it is not a phase that would be passed. However, it is possible that you take on gender characterizations that aren’t yours and fail to find out till much later. This doesn’t mean that gender changes, as it were.

    Thoughts From Faegenders

    The important factor is that you do not think anything is weird about how you feel. It is all normal. And if you feel you need to talk to someone about it, feel free to talk to someone you trust.