Demisexual Test and Demiromantic Quiz.

Are you confused about your romantic orientation?

Are you considering whether or not you may identify with demisexuality?

If you answered yes to either of these, you should take our “Am I Demisexual Test & Demiromantic Quiz” in order to help you gain some more clarity on the subject.

am i demisexual quiz

FAQ for the “Am I Demisexual Test & Demiromantic Quiz”

What Does it Mean to be Demisexual?

Demisexuality is a sexual orientation where a person only experiences sexual attraction to someone after an emotional bond has been formed.

Is Demisexual the Same as Asexual?

People who are demisexual are often compared to asexuals as they don’t feel sexual attraction to others often, however they can feel sexual attraction after forming an emotional bond. Some argue that demisexuality is under the asexual umbrella, however there is mixed opinions.

Does an Emotional Bond Guarantee Sexual Attraction?

No, demisexuals can form emotional bonds with people without necessarily becoming sexually attracted to them.

Is Demisexuality Part of the LGBT+ Community?

It’s highly debated, but some would say yes, as they believe demisexuality falls under the asexual spectrum.

Can you be Demisexual and Lesbian, Gay, etc.?

Yes! You can be both demisexual and lesbian, gay, etc. at the same time.

Can Demisexuals be Straight?

Yes, demisexuality is a romantic orientation, it doesn’t cancel out one’s sexual orientation.

    What Qualifies as an Emotional Bond for Demisexuals?

    An emotional bond could mean anywhere from having a platonic relationship to a romantic relationship with the person.

    Why does Demisexuality Need a Label?

    Some people prefer it as it gives them a sense of belonging.

    Thoughts From Demiromantics

    We hope we’ve helped you gain some clarity on demisexuality. Lastly, remember that you don’t need to come out until you’re ready or want to. The choice is up to you!