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Am I Nonbinary Or Genderfluid? Quiz & Test

Are you confused about your gender identity? Take this “Am I Nonbinary or genderfluid quiz” to help get some clarity.

This quiz or test answers the specific question about whether you are a non-binary individual or gender-fluid individual, if you are looking for a quiz testing whether you are non-binary or genderqueer, you will find that here.

On this page, you’ll also find a helpful FAQ to answer popular non-binary and gender-fluid questions.

am I nonbinary or genderfluid quiz

FAQ for the “Am I NonBinary Or GenderFluid Quiz”

What Are Non-Binary Genders?

“Nonbinary” is an umbrella term for all individuals whose gender identities are neither masculine or feminine. The term include bigenders, agenders, genderfluid and demigender individuals

How Is GenderFluid Different From NonBinary?

A gender-fluid individual experiences that their identity changes with time, place and social situation. A non-binary individual, on the other hand, feels that their identity is neither masculine nor feminine. A gender-fluid individual is non-binary. But, a non-binary individual need not be gender-fluid.

Who Are NonBinary Or GenderFluid Individuals Attracted To?

Gender Identity has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Any individual, regardless of their gender identity, can be attracted to the members of the same or the opposite sex.

Can You Be Gender-Fluid And Non-Binary?

Yes. These terms are closely related. A gender-fluid individual has a non-binary identity. And, a non-binary individual can be gender-fluid.

Are Gender-Fluid People Transgenders?

Not necessarily! Transgender individuals can find that they are gender-fluid. And, gender-fluid individuals may assume a trans-identity depending upon the time and place.


What Is The Difference Between Binary And Non-Binary Identities?

There are two binary gender identities- masculine and feminine. 

Non-binary individuals can be bigenders, agenders, genderfluids, etc.


Is this a professional non-binary vs gender-fluid test?

This quiz is not medically approved and should not be considered a professional opinion. It is merely a potential indication of gender.

Can Nonbinary People Transition?

Yes! Nonbinary can choose to receive hormone therapy or undergo surgical procedures to make their bodies reflect their gender identities.

Thoughts From Other Nonbinary And Genderfluid Individuals

Here are stories from real MTF non-binary and gender-fluid individuals. These opinions can help you figure out the identity that makes sense to you.