Am I Gay Test & Quiz – Male – Men.


Do you suspect that you are gay? Perhaps you find a keen interest in other males like yourself.

Take this Am I Gay Test for Males and answer honestly to find out if you’re gay. You’ll find helpful FAQs toward the end too.

Am I Gay Test Male

FAQ for the “Am I Gay Test & Quiz – Male”

How Can I Tell If Men are Gay?

There is no way to tell if a person is gay or not. Do not make assumptions about people based on their sexuality.

How Can I Make Myself More Approachable If I’m Gay?

It’s not about your orientation. It’s about your personality. Your personality is what makes you more approachable.

What Major Problem Do Gay People Face?

The major problem is discrimination from religious sects or homophobic persons.

Can Men Stop Being Gay?

Scientists’ research claim that sexual orientation is not something that can be altered or changed as one wishes.

What’s The Best Approach To Come-Out?

The best approach is to talk about it. Use your voice to state your words clearly in a manner that would be easily understood by those you wish to inform.


What Should I do If I’m Not Accepted?

While it might be hurtful, understand that they do not mean to hurt you – they just find it difficult to understand your choices. Give them time to come to terms with your sexuality.

    How To Explain Male Gay Sexuality To A Child.

    Introduce children’s books and videos that discuss gender orientations to aid easier understanding.

    What Should I Say To Someone That Came Out?

    Do not judge them by their sexuality, be sure to thank them for coming out to you, and respect their confidentiality.

    Thoughts From Gay Men

    Through it all, know that you’re not alone. There are people with the same sexuality as you and have most likely gone through the discrimination phase. Also, never forget that it’s okay to be a gay male!