Am I Bigender? Test 

& Quiz

Do you often feel confused about your gender identity? What if you have more than one gender? Is it possible?

Take this “Am I bigender quiz & test” to help get some clarity.

This quiz or test answers the specific question about whether you are a bigender, if you are looking for a good bigender test, you will find that here.

On this page you’ll also find a helpful FAQ to answer popular bigender questions. 

Am I bigender quiz

FAQ for the “Am I Bigender Quiz & Test”

Who is a bigender?

A bigender individual is that one who has more than one gender identity.

How Do I know That I Am A Bigender?

If you feel that you have multiple gender identities, you will find that the “bigender” label is worth exploring.

Can I Be Bigender Non-Binary?

Yes! You can have a non-binary gender identity as a bigender individual.

What Are Bigender Pronouns?

You can use “He/Him”, “She/Her” or “They/Them” as your pronouns.

What Is The Difference Between Bigender And Gender Fluid?

A bigender individual feels that they have two gender identities. These two identities can include male, female or a non-binary identity. A genderfluid individual feels that their gender identity shifts, depending on the time, place and social situation.


Can You Be Bigender And Transgender?

As a bigender individual, one of your identities can be a non-binary or trans.

    Is this a professional bigender test?

    This quiz is not medically approved and should not be considered a professional opinion. It is merely a potential indication of gender.

    Are Bigenders Common?

    Based on surveys, more than 1% millennials believe that they are bigenders.

    Thoughts From Bigenders

    Here are stories from real bigender individuals, Their stories can help you figure out if you are one as well other than this bigender test.