Am I Bigender or Genderfluid? Quiz & Test

Are you confused about your gender? Do you think you fit in easily with both genders? Take this ‘Am I Bigender or Genderfluid quiz & test’ to help clarify your identity.

Am I Bigender or Genderfluid quiz

FAQ for the “Am I Bigender or Genderfluid Quiz & Test”

What Does It Mean To Be Bigender?

 A bigender person is someone who identifies with two genders. The individual identifies as male and female and can use he/him, she/her, or they/them.

What Does It Mean To Be Genderfluid?

Someone who is genderfluid does not have a permanent gender identity. Their gender identity fluctuates over time.

What Is The Difference Between Bigender and Genderfluid?

A Genderfluid person does not have a stable gender identity, while a bigender person identifies as both male and female.

What Is The Difference Between Bigender and Bisexual?

While being bigender is related to gender identity, bisexuality is more of sexuality and sexual attraction to two genders.

Can A Bigender Be Bisexual?

Yes. A person can be both bigender and bisexual. This means a person that identifies as two different genders is sexually attracted to both genders.


Can Bigender people switch between genders?

Yes. A number of bigender individuals have experienced a switch of gender states.

    How Do You Know You Are Bigender?

    Most bigender people feel connected to both male and female genders. These people feel both male and female at the same time. They experience two genders and use their pronouns. You can also take our “Am I Bigender or Genderfluid Test” to get an indication.

    Can A Genderfluid person be Bigender?

    Bigender is under the umbrella of gender fluidity. A genderfluid person can be non-binary, bigender, or a gender.

    Thoughts From Bigenders and Genderfluids

    The days of traditional gender distinctions are gone. Though the quiz is not a professional medical test, it can help to answer your questions and give a potential gender indication.