Am I a Tomboy Quiz & Test.

Were you called a tomboy and you’re unsure of what it means?

Our Am I a Tomboy Quiz & Test can help you figure out if you relate to what is known as being a tomboy.

We also have an educational FAQ about tomboys below.

am i a tomboy quiz

FAQ About “Am I a Tomboy Quiz & Test”

What is a Tomboy?

Simply put, a tomboy is a woman that enjoys activities, clothing, etc. that are typically associated with men.

Can you be a Tomboy and Feminine?

Yes, people are multifaceted. Women can participate in things that are both traditionally masculine as well as traditionally feminine.

Are Tomboys Part of the LGBT+ Community?

No, while a tomboy can be part of the LGBT+ community, them being a tomboy has nothing to do with it.

Is the Term Problematic?

Some people allege that the term tomboy is problematic, as it reinforces the gender binary, and pushes outdated gender roles for women.

What is the History of the Term?

The term tomboy was originally used to refer to young boys who exhibited heavy masculine characteristics. However, it shifted to describing girls who did not fit in with the typical feminine gender stereotypes of society.

Which Age Group is Typically Referred to as Tomboys?

Typically only younger girls are referred to as tomboys, as when women get older they are expected to start adhering to feminine gender ideals and face discrimination if they don’t.

    What is the Boy Version of a Tomboy?

    While it’s unpopular and not nearly as said or pushed, a “tomgirl” refers to a boy who doesn’t conform to masculine standards and instead leans feminine.

    What is the Opposite of a Tomboy?

    The opposite of a tomboy is a girly girl, which refers to a girl who strongly aligns with feminine qualities.

    Thoughts From Tomboys

    Whether or not you agree with the terminology, we hope this quiz has helped you understand more about yourself. Remember you are allowed to be feminine and masculine at the same time. Being yourself is the most important!