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Plenary Speakers


Guy G. R. T’Sjoen M.D., PhD.

Guy G. R. T’Sjoen was born on July 26th, 1970 in Oudenaarde, Belgium.
His medical degree was obtained at the Ghent University (cum laude) in 1995. From 1995 till 2000 he specialised in Internal Medicine (St.- Jan Ziekenhuis, Brugge, St.- Bartholomew’s, London; Ghent University Hospital). He obtained his specialist qualifications in Endocrinology- Diabetology in 2001. He obtained the title of Clinical Andrologist from the European Academy of Andrology in 2002 (Malmö, Sweden) and Fellow of the European Committee on Sexual Medicine (FECSM, Istanbul 2014). Currently he is working as head of department, clinical staff physician and clinical researcher at the Department of Endocrinology including the Center for Sexology and Gender, and the Center for Andrology (certified by the European Academy of Andrology), Ghent University Hospital, Belgium. He is author of the Dutch book 'Transgenderzorg'. He is interim president of EPATH (European Professional Association for Transgender Health) since 2015.

He publishes on subjects of androgen deficiency, transgenderism, pituitary disease, sexual health and variations of sexual differentiation. Memberships include the Endocrine Society, the Belgian Endocrine Society (board member- secretary), the Gender team and the DSD team of the Ghent University Hospital, The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (scientific committee), The European Society for Sexual Medicine, and founding member of the Belgian Society for Sexual Medicine. He is co-editor of the Journal of Sexual Medicine and the International Journal of Transgenderism. He organized the first conference for EPATH in 2015 and the second edition took place in april 2017, Belgrade, Serbia.


Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D.

Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D. is an associate professor of Pediatrics at the University of California San Francisco. She is a developmental and clinical psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a private practice in Oakland, California, where she specializes in work with  gender creative children and their families .  She is Director of Mental Health of the Child and Adolescent Gender Center and chief psychologist at the Child and Adolescent Gender Center Clinic at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.   She specializes in research, clinical work, and consultation related to gender-nonconforming children and assisted reproductive technology families, lecturing, publishing, doing media appearances, and serving as an expert witness on both topics nationally and internationally.

She is author of The Gender Creative Child; Gender Born, Gender Made; Mommies Daddies Donors, Surrogates; Building a Home Within (co-edited with Toni Heineman); Spoiling Childhood, and Parenting Together;  The Gender Affirmative Model: A New Approach to Supporting Gender Non-Conforming and Transgender Children, co-edited with Dr. Colt Keo-Meier, to be released in Summer 2017.  She is also presently co-investigator in a four-site National Institute of Health longitudinal study investigating the effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones in a population of youth seeking services at the four university-based gender clinics. She is a member of WPATH and USPATH, as well as a member of the working committee revising the WPATH standards of care. 


Kelley Winters Ph.D.

Dr. Kelley Winters is a writer and consultant on issues of gender
diversity in medical and public policy. She is the author of Gender
Madness in American Psychiatry: Essays from the Struggle for Dignity
(2008) and a member of the International Advisory Panel for the World
Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of
Care, the Global Action for Trans* Equality (GATE) Expert Working
Group, and the Advisory Boards for TransYouth Family Allies (TYFA) and
the Santa Barbara Transgender Advocacy Network (SBTAN). She was
recognized in the 2013 Trans 100 Inaugural List, recognizing work for
the transgender community in the US. Kelley has presented papers and
presentations on gender policy issues at annual conventions of the
American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological
Association, the American Counseling Association and the Association
of Women in Psychology. Kelley wanders the highways of America in an
old Mazda, ever in search of comfort food.